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My name is Vlassis and i live near Thessaloniki, which is the second most important city in Greece regarding both its population and also from a historical,cultural and commercial point of view

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I am also a passionable football supporter. I am interested in every detail or information involving football.
The team I support, since I was a baby, is ARIS Thessaloniki F.C.

Some photos from Aris fans:

My hobby is football scarves collection. Till now I have about 900 scarves in my collection and I hope in your assistance to increase this number! I must inform you that I am interested only in acrylic (wool) scarves (no sattin, no paper or any other material) and only for club (team) scarves (no national team scarves, no ultra scarves, no match scarves, no players scarves)


My place is called Agia Triada and it is a beautiful, tourist suburb of Thessaloniki, 26 km from city center. If you are planing to visit Thessaloniki or Agia Triada it will be a great honor for me to give a piece of advice or information about my city or my place!

Agia Triada   


You can find contact information at the "Contact" page.


Lastly, I must give special thanks to my friends Socrates Spiropoulos and Kiriakos Diggas who help me very much to increase my collection and of course to Nikos Prodromidis and Vasilis Mavridis who help me with enthusiasm to create this web site!

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